Racing - Sailing Instructions, Audits and Forms (including Inter-Club NOR & SI's)


2021 / 2022 (Next) Sailing Season

2021-2022 RMYC Sailing Instructions (effective August 14, 2021)


2020 / 2021 Sailing Season

Sailing Instructions. Please note that the links below for the Interclub race series have been changed to go directly to the LMYC site so that we are only dealing with one version of the NOR's and SI's

2020-2021 RMYC Sailing Instructions

2020-2021 Sailing Program and Courses

2020-2021 Sailing Instructions - Amendment to Wednesday & Sweepstake Courses.

2020_2021 Sailing Instructions - Amendment to Rule 12.2 - For Twilight, Autumn / Winter Wednesdays and Sweepstake races (shortened courses).

2020-2021 New Clause 14.6 - Handicap Adjustments for Covid19 Sweepstake Races


Please Note: NOR and Sailing Instructions for all the Interclub races are on the (one) LMYC Site for consistency. The following links take you to that site.

2020-2021 Interclub Windward Leeward Series NOR

2020-2021 Interclub Windward Leeward Series Sailing Instructions

2020-2021 Combined Clubs Pulbah Race Series NOR

2020-2021 Combined Clubs Pulbah Race Series Sailing Instructions

2020-2021 RKR Notice Of Race

2020-2021 RKR Sailing Instructions


Entry Forms

2020-2021 Spring/Summer Race Entry Form

2021 Autumn / Winter race Entry Form


Safety Audit Forms

RMYCT Cat 7 2021 onwards (including VHF Radio requirement)

Click Here for all other Audit Forms from the Australian Yachting Website – please note this link provides access to all audit category forms.


Performance Handicaps Q & A

Want to know more about how the Performance Handicap System works? Click here - Performance Handicapping Explained. Please note that this document refers to Victorian Yachting and the Royal Brighton Yacht Club but they do use Topyacht and it does explain how Topyacht is used to recalculate the handicaps. Also note that the multipliers used with the Allocated Handicaps and the Back Handicaps to determine the new handicaps can be and are varied depending on a range of conditions not the least of which would be the length of the race series - if the series is a long series then more weight is placed on the allocated handicap but if the series is a short series, then more weight is applied to the back handicap.


Mooring at or around the RMYC Toronto

Casual, Short Term and Long Tern berths are available at the RMYC Marina. The club also has a number of swing moorings available for casual, short and long term use. Inquire at the club office for availability.

The Toronto Pool also has 24 hour mooring facilities and is close to the shopping centre and the RMYC Toronto.

Mooring facilities are also available at Marmong Point Marina – a 5 – 10 minute car ride from the RMYC Toronto.


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