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Welcome to Women’s Sailing at  RMYC Toronto.

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Have you ever wondered why boats are called She?  Apparently the answer from the old sea dogs is. “like a woman, a ship is unpredictable” the other explanation likens us to goddesses  who provide a protective role on a boat.  Either way sailing is one of the few sports where women can compete on a level playing field and until quite recently a sport which had a low profile. The smaller boats have had great patronage in the past but at the next level with the bigger boats women have struggled.

RMYC at Toronto is committed to supporting the development of women’s sailing .

There are two organisations which may be of interest to women sailors.

SheSails -  and The Magenta Project -

We now have three boats owned by women at RMYC who are very keen to  recruit and develop their crews.

We have some aspirations

  1. To see at least one woman crewing on every boat. Thanks guys for supporting us.
  2. To host an annual female skipper race
  3. To race a boat with an all female crew

If any of you girls are interested in joining us, not only at a competitive level but also at a social sailing level please get in touch.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me - for any information about women’s sailing at RMYC with the subject line containing Womens Sailing.

Wendy Watson

Women’s Representative. RMYC Sailing Committee