Royal Motor Yacht Club- Toronto
Club Membership

The NSW Registered Clubs Act requires a person who lives within 5km of this Club to be a Member, or a Member's Guest, to enter Club Premises.

General Club Membership Entitlements

  • Use of Club Facilities
  • Attendance and Voting Rights at AGM
  • Birthday rewards of $20 credit being allocated to your membership to be spent in the club during the month of your birthday 
  • Membership rewards program 
  • Discounts off food and beverage purchases
  • Ability to sign in guests
  • Weekly Membership Draws on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Boat Owner Membership Entitlements

Includes all general club member entitlements plus:

  • Use of Marina Facilities
  • Rental of swing moorings or marina berths when available
  • One free night alongside the marina every week (*conditions apply)

Sailing & Cruising Membership                 

Membership in the Sailing division is required when participating in any club sailing events and regattas, and includes membership with Australian Sailing. Please ensure you select a

  General Sailing Member - $75
Boat Owner Sailing - $145
General Cruising Member - $65
Boat Owner Cruising - $135
General Sailing Cruising Member - $115
Boat Owner Sailing Pensioner - $100
Boat Owner Sailing Cruising Pensioner - $140
Boat Owner Sailing Cruising - $185

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Privacy Policy

The Club is subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 and is committed to safeguarding personal information provided by Members, Visitors and Staff. We will not disclose your personal information unless there is a threat to life, health or safety. Your personal information may, with your permission, be used by the Club for marketing purposes. You also have the right to access the personal information we hold about you. If you require any further information please contact the Club Administration

How do membership points work?
Membership points are for the benefit of members. You can earn points on beverage purchases by providing your membership card to the staff at the time of purchase. 
How do I know how many points I have? 

You can see your current points total on the till screens when making purchases or by asking a member of staff  
What can I do with my points? 
Points can be used beverage purchases within the club. To do this, please inform the staff at the time of purchase that you wish to pay by points and the points will be automatically deducted from your card.