Royal Motor Yacht Club- Toronto

Membership Renewal Instructions



Our memberships are now rolling. Every member that renews from 12th April 2024 will be valid until 30th June 2025.

To renew your club membership


  1. Please log into the membership system
  2. It will take you to the members login page.
  3. On this page select the "My Membership" tab
  4. Under current memberships you will see a "View Membership Details" button and a "Renew Now" button.
  5. Please click the "View Membership Details" button and review the details we have on file for you. You can click edit at the bottom of the screen to update or add any details into the system. 
  6. Once you have closed the view membership details page. Click on the "Renew now" button.
  7. Select the membership type from the dropdown list below that you wish to renew.
  8. It will take you to the membership form with most of your details already completed.
  9. Once the details have all been entered, click SUBMIT
  10. You will then be asked to pay for your membership by credit card
  11. As soon as your payment is processed you will be emailed a confirmation of your membership.
  12. Your member card will be available at the club next time you visit - you will need to show valid ID and also a pensioner card where applicable.

Important Instructions For Renewing Members who are renewing online for the first time:

Your Username will have been emailed to you. If you don't have your email try Your First Name _ Your Last Name (e.g. John_Smith)

Your Password is: Your Surname_Member Number (e.g. John Smith - Member #4500 password would be Smith_4500)

** If you wish to change your membership level from Boat Owner to General or vice versa, please contact one of our friendly staff members at the club to assist you with this**


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