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Sailing - Racing

The RMYC Toronto conducts yacht races most weeks during the year as follows:


Spring and Summer Saturdays

The Sailing Section conducts pointscore races on Saturdays during Spring and Summer in two divisions. Races typically start at 1.30pm. 

Summer Wednesday Twilights

During daylight saving time the Sailing Section conducts a twilight race starting at 5.00pm every Wednesday. Spinnakers are not allowed and a course is set in view of the club house. 

Summer Friday Twilights

From December 2, 2022 to March 24, 2023 the Sailing Section will trial a twilight race starting at 5.30 pm every Friday.  This will be a free of charge series to promote the fun of sailing and to relax after a hard week.  It will be a perfect opportunity for beginners to get to know sailing and sail racing. There will be no spinnaker, no prizes and just a short race finishing by 7:00 pm.  

The start will be between the RMYC Club mark and the Toronto mark at 5:30 pm GPS time.  Boats will race around the course for 30 minutes before turning around at 6:00 pm and retracing their steps to the finish.  No handicaps will be required.

Sailing Instructions are available HERE


Winter Saturdays

Winter racing is conducted on Saturdays starting at 1:30pm.  A pointscore event with a scratch start using spinnakers is run every second Saturday with a sweepstake event (non-spinnaker / handicap start) on alternate weeks. 

Winter Wednesdays

During Winter, a Wednesday pointscore is conducted every week starting at 1:30pm. Spinnakers are not allowed and a handicap start is used. Races have a two hour time limit and finish when the leading yacht passes a course mark after 3:30pm. 

R K Robertson Interclub Series

The R K Robertson Interclub races is a series held between RMYC Toronto, Lake Macquarie Yacht Club and Wangi Amateur Sailing Club. The competing clubs race against each other as a teams, with the winning club taking home the RKR Shield.

Combined Windward Leeward Races

These races are held on three Saturdays during the season in cooperation with Lake Macquarie Yacht Club (LMYC) and Wangi Amateur Sailing Club (WASC).  Three courses are used, each club hosting a division. Two short races are held on each day.

Combined Long Courses

Four combined long course events are held during the season in cooperation with Lake Macquarie Yacht Club (LMYC).  Sailing is in three divisions.

30 Mile Race

This is a race – as the name implies, of 30 nautical miles covering the north end of the lake and as far south as Pulbah Island and Sunken Rock. Participation is invited from all the clubs around the lake.

Heaven Can Wait Regatta

This is a charity event in support of the Hunter Branch of Cancer Council NSW and Lake Macquarie Marine Rescue. 

The Heaven Can Wait (HCW) Charity Regatta is a unique event held in November with 3 handicap races in one made up of a One Lap Dash, a 12 Hour Race and a 24 Hour Race. Participation is invited from all clubs on the lake and intrastate and interstate entries. 

Police and Emergency Services Regatta

The Police and Emergency Services regatta is usually held in November of each year and is made up of five races over 2 days.  All races are non-spinnaker with two divisions.

Northshore Yachts Regatta

The Northshore Yachts Regatta is held the last weekend in August and as the name implies, is for all boats manufactured by Northshore yachts including Cole 19 & 23 and Santana 30.


Adams Yachts Regatta

The Adams Yachts Regatta is held in conjuction with the Northshore Yachts Reagtta in August. This regatta is for all yachts manufactured by Adams Yachts.


Further Information

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