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Scuttlebutt – May 2020 – RMYC Toronto News

Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto Members and Guests – welcome. It has been an arduous month for everybody since our last newsletter, and we are not out of the woods yet. We do not have a lot of news to broadcast, but we do recognise the need to keep you updated.

By now, most – if not all, would have heard of the relaxation of the CORVID19 restrictions and some of them do apply to clubs and pubs, but at this point in time, there is a limit of 10 people max in a venue for the serving of food, but bar trade and gaming are still on the no go list. Not only that, we still have renovation work going on in the kitchen and work on the upper deck to finalise. Both of these jobs will be completed by the end of May. 

The Kitchen is currently being painted and the stainless steel panels for the walls should be fitted next week. Then all that remains is to re-install the equipment. All of the equipment that came out of the kitchen has been cleaned and most – if not all, is reusable and is expected to go back into the kitchen. The board has made the decision to minimize any unnecessary expenditure at this time, taking the view that we need to preserve limited finances as we wade through the restrictions being imposed as a result of the Corona Virus.

The only work remaining to be done on the upper deck is the laying of indoor / outdoor carpet. This option was seen as being more protective and visibly more attractive than applying a painted covering.

There has been much discussion at the board level as to how and when we reopen the club. The current regulatory restrictions combined with the renovation work under way, does not financially justify opening the club at this point in time. As a result of discussions with our caterer and within the board, we feel that when the restrictions are lifted to allow in house dining for 20 or more people, we will reopen the club. If bar and gaming restrictions still apply at that time, we expect that we will; be able to offer table service for drinks as a viable option. 

Work on the marina is yet to start but the poles have been delivered and work should begin shortly.

Questions have been asked as to why the club is not doing take away food options as a way of providing some service to our members and guests. There are a number of reasons why this is not possible at this time as follows:

  • With the kitchen being renovated, there is no food preparation area and access to food storage areas becomes difficult.
  • Gearing up to cater for take away food options is not something that can be done at a minute’s notice. What food options, letting customers know, staffing, are all hurdles that have to be overcome.

Notwithstanding these hurdles, we do recognise that we need to be putting in place options that allow the club to trade in take away food and financially more attractive outside dinning food options. Our thoughts on these options are very much in a liquid state at present, but as they crystallize, we will keep you informed.   

On the sporting front, there has been no change from last month. We are awaiting further guidance from Australian Sailing and the regulatory authorities as to when we can resume activities.  


Mel Steiner

Vice Commodore