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SCUTTLEBUTT - April 2022 - RMYC Toronto News



Well, we got through phase 2 of the COVID pandemic, completed all the projects we had planned before the pandemic and now, all we want is a little less of the rain experienced over recent months. Of course, the Club had to close when COVID infections were peaking and restrictions applied, and that did cause some major disruptions to both the Sailing Season and of course, Club trade. We can now look forward to getting back to normal trade and we know that our Club members will support us in that effort.


So, what has happened generally over the period of COVID and more particularly since the last Scuttlebutt issue? Among the more noticeable updates are:

  • New carpet on the top floor
  • Bifold windows to the upper deck
  • Stylish floorboard laid at the front of the Bar area
  • Restaurant ceiling replaced
  • Restaurant dining area repainted
  • Updated Bar and Restaurant dividing doors
  • Improved event announcement and advertising screens installed.

These ongoing Club improvements have resulted in significant refreshment of your Club’s appearance, enabling a much more enjoyable atmosphere for Members and Guests.

Whilst the new restaurant ceiling is a significant improvement on what it looked like before, the heavy and prolonged rain did result in some leaks appearing. These have now been addressed with recent dry weather enabling repairs to be made..

Fortunately, the leaks in the ceiling have not had any impact on the newly laid carpet which is a vast improvement on the mishmash of carpets that existed prior to being upgraded.  The carpet is a high-quality commercial carpet and should not need replacement for some time.

The weather proofing of the upper deck has made an enormous difference to how the upper deck area is now used. More guests are using the area for informal dinning and function activity on the deck is in demand.

There was much discussion at the board level about the colour of the upper deck window frames (black) as there was when we renovated the downstairs Mariners Bar. Feedback since completing the weather proofing project has only been positive and reflects a desire to modernise the appearance of the Club while adhering to any requirements that need to be met because of the Club’s heritage position. 


Recent marina work commenced during the COVID lockdown and was completed before the end of 2021.  New poles, headstocks and decking around the southwestern corner of the marina was installed at a cost of $70,000, making this section very tidy and adding security for the large cruisers along this section.

The next section of the marina we are looking at upgrading is the outer north-eastern corner near the race box and the inner northern section near “Wild Cherry”.  A number of waling boards (horizontal boards spanning poles halfway between deck and water) have come loose on the eastern side and we need to address this as well.

The marina continues to be one of our most valuable assets. During lockdown we were still receiving income from berth holders which covered the Club overheads (insurance, wages, electricity, water, rates etc.), whereas other clubs in the area would not have had this income stream in what was a very difficult period.

The work on the boat ramp has started with the arrival of the necessary planking and toe rail.  The worst planks have been replaced and we will progress replacement boards as the weather permits.  We expect the 15 planks procured to be installed by the end of the year.

You may have also noticed a rusty yellow vessel moored next to the boat ramp. The vessel was moored on one of the club moorings, but the owner neglected it to the point where it was about to sink.  The vessel was bought alongside the wharf to avoid it sinking for which we would end up paying the cost of salvaging. The original owner has sold the vessel and we have been liaising persistently with the new owner to have it removed soon.  We wait with bated breath.

The Club has been caught on a number of occasions with boats owners wanting to moor their boats in the marina or on a club mooring without the Club having sighted them. While most are in a seaworthy condition, we have been caught with a few that are not. Future requests for a Marina berth or Club mooring will be subject to inspection before any berth or mooring agreement can be signed.    


The Club’s constitution calls for the forming of sub-committees to advise on some aspects of Club activities. They include the House Committee, the Marina Committee, and the Finance Committee. These committees do not get involved in the day to day running of the club but provide advice on finance, and clubhouse and marina projects that need maintenance or should be considered for future investment. A new House Committee has been formed and will be made up of Mel Steiner (Club Vice Commodore and Committee Chairperson) Peter Mayo (Club Rear Commodore) Suzie Messner (Club member) and David Randall (Club Member and GM Marmong Point Marina).

An outcome of the recently held House Committee meeting, is the need to establish some special purpose sub committees. The Club does not have a huge pool of paid employees – and whilst that’s good because it keeps our operating costs down, it also means that we must rely on volunteers to help with some of the chores.


We would like to hear from Club Members who are prepared to volunteer their time looking for and applying for Grants and other fund-raising opportunities. We need another group of volunteers to look at Social Events for the club and another group looking at how we grow Club Membership. So, if you have skills in any of these areas and you are prepared to volunteer your time to help, we want to hear from you.

It should be pointed out that what we are looking for with these groups, is not ways of spending Club money but ways of generating money for your Club. So, if you have an interest in being more involved in helping the club grow and be a better club than it already is, and you have skills in any of the above areas, let us know – send an email with your details to our Vice Commodore Mel – detail in the signature box below.


The 2021-22 Sailing Season had a delayed start due to the restrictions applied during COVID and many crews falling foul of COVID and having to isolate. As a result, Interclub Point Score races were delayed until the start of 2022 to maximise crew availability.

Winners in the Spring / Summer Series are:

Wednesday Twilights

Division 1: First - Austral (Peter Mayo), Second - BarTENder (Geoff Adams), Third - The Force (Rod Winter)

Division 2: First – Sapphire Lady (BOB Mitchell), Second – Emmenar (Mel Steiner), Third – Barney Cools (Adam Boslem)

Division 3: First – Therapy (Ted Savage), Second – Blown Away (Rhonda Haydon), Third – Hughie II (Lynden Butler)

Saturday Spring Series

Division 1: First – Wallop (Peter Hewson), Second - Influencer (Steve Upton), Third – Challenge (Greg Croak)

Division 2: First – Wild Cherry (Alan Laverick), Second – Millewa (Phil Darby), Third – Sapphire Lady (Bob Mitchell)

Saturday Summer Series

Division 1: First – Kerinda (Len Payne), Second – Wallop (Peter Hewson), Third – Challenge (Greg Croak)

Division 2: First – Sapphire Lady (Bob Mitchell), Second – TBFY (Adrian Williams), Third – Emmenar (Mel Steiner)

Overall Saturday Point Score

Division 1: First – Wallop (Peter Hewson), Second – Kerinda (Len Payne), Third – Challenge (Greg Croak)

Division 2: First – Sapphire Lady (Bob Mitchell), Second - Millewa (Phil Darby), Third – Wild Cherry (Alan Laverick)


February saw the running of the 16th Heaven Can Wait Charity Sailing Regatta (HCW). 50 boats lined up on the start line for this annual RMYC organised regatta which raises money for the Hunter Branch of Cancer Council NSW and specifically, their Home Help Program which provides domestic support to recovering and terminal cancer patients who are unable to fulfill their domestic chores due to their condition. A small amount of the funds raised goes to Lake Macquarie Marine Rescue who provide on water support for the regatta. Numbers for the 2022 regatta were down on previous years due to the ongoing impact of COVID and the very limited access to the lake because of the shallowing of the Swansea Channel.

HCW is a regatta with three races in one – a Classic One Lap Dash (once around the whole lake, a distance of 30 nautical miles), a 12 Hour Race that participants can do after completing the One Lap Dash, and a 24 Hour Race that participants can do after completing the One Lap Dash and 12 Hour courses. The 12 Hour and 24 Hour races, compete through the night. There is also a Short One Lap Dash for smaller boats not wanting to participate in a long course race. The record for the One Lap Dash, was broken this year by well know Lake Macquarie yachtsman – Nathan Outteridge. He covered the course on a foiling sailboard in a shade over 2 hours and nine minutes.    

The 2022 Regatta raised $35,000 in support of the charities and brings the total raised over the 16 years it has been running to in excess of a $HALF MILLION. The handover of cheques to the charities is planned for Wednesday April 27th at the Club and our local State Member Of Parliament and Club Patron – Greg Piper, will be in attendance.     

On Monday and Tuesday, March 14 and 15 the NSW Police and Emergency Services Sailing Club held their 13th two-day sailing regatta on Lake Macquarie at RMYC Toronto. Boat owners are asked to make their boats available for the regatta to be crewed by the police and emergency services personnel. Crew members pay to enter the regatta and boat owners get a free entry.  In the past, the event has been very well patronized by both boat owners and police and emergency services personnel, but the current response to flood emergencies took its toll and numbers were down significantly this year.

Between January and March, Lake Macquarie Yacht Club, the Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto and Wangi Amateur Sailing Club each conducted a SheSails Regatta. All boats competing had to be helmed by women whereas the crew could be male or female. All three events were a raging success – so much so, that in 2023 they will be combined into a three-race regatta to be held as a part of Lakefest. The RMYC event – which we called SheSkippers, attracted 27 boats and was also a fund raiser for the Heaven Can Wait charities. It is very pleasing to note that at least half of the crews and people celebrating at the post race BBQ were women.

The Sailing AGM - held on Sunday March 27th was patronized with about 40 members of the Sailing Community. Craig Wills was re-elected as Sailing Master and whilst several of the previous committee were re-elected, it was encouraging to see some new (and younger) members taking up committee positions. Notable retirement from Sailing Committee duties were Brian Meredyth and Alan Laverick – both have been active for more years than most people care to remember.

If you would like to know more about sailing at RMYCT you could read the recently released Sailing Section April Newsletter by clicking on the following link:


The Cruising Section recently held its AGM and a new Cruise Captain - Brett Maxwell, and Treasurer Jan Conlon were elected. Ang Williams was re-elected as Secretary and Karen Maxwell as events coordinator.  Recently the section had a few cruising boats take out a group of Probus guests to Valentine for lunch, and Probus generously donated $1000 which was subsequently put towards the Heaven Can Wait fund raising effort.

In March, the Cruising Section had a raft up in Swan Bay and are planning a trip to Port Stephens for Easter. The section is now looking forward to a year of monthly outings which has been published on the RMYCT web site


Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that on Saturday April 9, the Lakefest Commodores Ball was hosted by Wangi Amateur Sailing Club at the Rathmines Hall. The Commodores Ball – a fundraiser for the Cancer Council, has now become a regular event within the Lakefest calendar. This year’s event - originally scheduled within Lakefest (January 26th to February 26th), had to be delayed because of the impact of COVID on prospective attendees. 110 people eventually packed the Rathmines Hall to feast on good food, dance to great music and listen to a great interview by Scott Bevan with special guest Iain Jensen – well-known local yachtsman and himself a cancer survivor.

It will again be RMYC Toronto’s turn to host the ball in 2023, so make sure you are around in the February - March time frame so you too can be a guest at this special event.  

Mel Steiner

Vice Commodore