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SCUTTLEBUTT - September 2021 - RMYC Toronto News


The board and management of RMYC Toronto hope that you are holding up well given the 5 weeks of lockdown we have experienced locally and maybe longer for our members that come from further afield. The board thought it would be appropriate to communicate early on some of the thoughts around actions that may come into play when we do reopen. Clearly, admission to venues without being vaccinated, is a major topic of discussion. There are currently no regulations on this subject, but many venues and business are considering it and a number have already stated publicly that they intend to refuse entry if not vaccinated. We also think it will be a safe bet that the 1 person per 4 square meter social distancing rules will continue after re-opening. We will wait to see what regulations come into play and any guidance given by Clubs NSW, before deciding on what we do. Having said that, the boards guidance to members and guests is to get vaccinated and avoid the possibility of being denied entry when we do re-open.

You could be excused for thinking that nothing has been happening during the lockdown, but nothing could be further from the truth. Like the lockdown in 2020, the board has taken the decision to use the lockdown time to press on with planned renovations – all of which will be completed by the time we expect to be again open – hopefully sometime in October. There are 4 major projects underway at present and they are the restaurant ceiling, carpeting, weatherproofing the upper deck and marina maintenance.

Restaurant Ceiling. The ceiling in the restaurant has degraded over recent times and was clearly in need of some renovation. We know the structure above the ceiling is sound – steel trusses and solid wood beams, but to pull the old ceiling down would have resulted in a considerable clean up job and given that we did not know how long we would be in lock down, that was not an option. We have opted to install a suspended tile ceiling which is a bit lower than the original, but well within the regulations. All the lighting has been lined up and the tiles will provide additional noise attenuation leading to a more pleasing dining experience. As a part of the ceiling renovation, the restaurant walls will be painted and the net curtain separating the restaurant and bar area – sometimes referred to as ‘Chris Stratten’s grandma’s memorial net curtains’ after the board member spoke out about the need for them to be given a burial, will be replaced with something more appropriate.    

Carpeting. The carpeting in the club entry, fire exit and bar area is looking very tired. This will be replaced in early October – again before we are expected to open doors again. The selected carpet will brighten up all the selected areas – the photo below shows how it looks in a lounge setting. The carpeting in the restaurant is only 4 years old and needs repair and a deep clean. This work is also in plan to be done as soon as the ceiling work and painting in the restaurant is complete.   

Upper Deck Weatherproofing. Again, the plastic roller binds on the upper deck are tired and not fit for purpose given that members and guests are now utilising that area more for dining and socialising. Four sections across the eastern wall will be replaced with windows from the floor to the current height of the blinds and will incorporate a panel of bi-fold widows in the upper section. The renovation will allow the area to be used for a wider range of activities particularly where weather conditions would inhibit an activity.

Marina Maintenance. Work currently being carried out on the Marina is a part of the planned regular marina maintenance program. The original marina was built around 30 years ago using second hand wooden piles from a marina in Sydney. Clearly the piles do not last forever, and the club has- over recent years, replaced many of the old piles. Current work not only continues with that effort but is also catering for bigger boats, which in turn, drives more revenue. The marina work will be complete by the end of September. Also planned is work on the adjoining boat ramp. A few the ramp timbers need repair and although we have ordered replacement timber’s, they are in short supply. When they do arrive, club board members, management and volunteers will install them.   

Sailing. The initial lockdown in Sydney resulted in restrictions in crew numbers and on social distancing rules. Those restrictions put an end to the club’s normal point score race activity with no spinnaker racing and a limit 4-5 crew members depending on boat size. The subsequent lockdowns announced in the regional areas and more particularly the Hunter region, meant that along with the club closure, no further racing was allowed. It is hoped that we may be able to start racing again in October – in line with the expected easing of restrictions as vaccination rates meet the desired targets. The restrictions meant that the Autumn Wednesday competition was the only Autumn / Winter Series to finish in its entirety. The Winter Wednesday series did not start due to lockdowns and the Saturday Winter Pointscore only got 3 races in before the lockdowns stopped any further racing.

Cruising. The cruising group have maintained communication with each other via ZOOM teleconferences, but all events have been cancelled due to the lockdown. They are hopeful of recommencing their activities in November and holding their Xmas function.    



Mel Steiner

Vice Commodore